My 2018 Chevron Houston Marathon Recap

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I love Chevron Houston Marathon weekend, and this year was no exception. But this year, the single fact of being able to toe the line without hip pain was the biggest accomplishment. Since my injury, I had dropped all expectations of what racing looked like for me. And the amazing thing is, I performed better than I could have imagined. But this year’s race wasn’t about time. It was about confidence.

Now I really feel ready to begin my training for Boston. And, I have a good picture of where I stand with my fitness and cardio capacity.

Without boring you mile by mile, I want to share my overall highlights from the weekend. These were the moments that renewed my confidence and absolute adoration for this sport.

Hanging with fellow #houmarathon ambassadors at EXPO.
  1. Conversations with people at EXPO. I cannot fully express how much I love this part of race weekend. As an ambassador I get a chance to meet a lot of people (and take their photo for them). Hearing your stories, goals and sharing in your excitement is easily one of the best parts of my weekend.

    Teaching on the main stage!
  2. Teaching yoga at EXPO. It is such a privilege to be able to combine two of my passions. Don’t get me wrong, I was a little nervous, but I was so thrilled with the result and hope you loved it too!

    Pre-5K Selfie!
  3. The ABB 5k. What I had originally planned on jogging turned into more of a race when I realized I was running faster than I had since August…and it felt good!

    It isn’t race day without a selfie with Heather (and photo bomb from dad!)
  4. Taking in the pre-race jitters at GRB. George R. Brown at 5:30am on race morning is 🔥. The energy in the convention center is amazing.
  5. Hearing cheers at the start line. The start line was more staggered this year which meant that the start line was far less crowded. I loved this for the simple reason that my friends who work for the race could see me and cheer me on!
  6. Watching all the Achilles athletes. I’m always so blown away by the grit these athletes have. Seeing Achilles & Catapult athletes with disabilities gives me so much strength and faith in the ability for us to all conquer what we may have been told was impossible.                       773076_269953082_Medium
  7. The split. This was my 5th time to run this race, but my first time doing the half so I’ve always been on the other side of the split. And damn did it feel good to take the shorter route!
  8. Realizing Dad was going to crush a PR. I left Dad at mile 1 for a much needed pee break so I spent the next few miles playing catch up. When I finally caught sight of him, my cardio also started to waiver. But knowing a PR was in the cards for him had me beaming. And now he has bragging rights for beating me, too. 774027_269543597_XLarge
  9. Tracking marathoners. I’m usually unable to track anyone’s race until it’s over, but running the half allowed me to check up on my running buds and send them good vibes!
  10. Being able to love the race without chasing the PR. And that’s what it comes down to. This past year, and this Houston Marathon weekend in particular taught me to simply love life on the run.

What were your favorite things about race weekend this year!


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