About Me

runner yogi mom
About me pages are tough, but this one was terribly outdated. I originally started this blog as a 22-year old living in Milan, Italy. I had just started my running journey, “training” for my first marathon as I traveled through Europe.
Eleven years later, my life is still just as full, but definitely quite different. Since my post-collegiate adventures in Europe, I’ve lived in Honolulu, Houston, Sarasota, and now call Charlotte, NC home. I’ve also gone from PR intern and swim coach to marketing director, consultant and most importantly, mom. 
One constant as my life has evolved and changed is movement. I swam competitively for 20 years before ditching the water for land and falling in love with the sport of running. Since my first marathon (Honolulu in 2010), I’ve run 19 total including two Boston Marathons. 
I’m also a certified run coach and yoga teacher, both of which I use to spread my love of movement to others. 

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