What’s Next?

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So you finished the marathon, now what? That’s the feeling I always get after running a race. What’s next? What do I need to do to ensure proper recovery so I can get back out there and chase another goal? Proper recovery and staying active is the perfect way to stay healthy and cure the post-marathon blues. So as you head into your post-marathon week, here are a few tips from yours truly.

  • Celebrate! Yes, you earned it. Relish in the glory of all the Facebook comments, race photos and congrats. Then, give yourself the opportunity to pat yourself on the back with whatever treat lights you up. A new pair of running shorts, an extra glass of wine, or maybe just some quality time with friends and family.
  • Keep hydrating. Just because you aren’t running as much doesn’t mean hydration isn’t important. Especially the week after the race, keep those fluids coming. I’m talking more than just beer y’all. Jump on the nuun hydration train (plus, it’s the perfect time to try out their new nuun vitamins line with super yummy flavors).
  • Do all the yoga. Post-race yoga is great for stretching you out, but keeping the routine up will benefit you in the long run. And, if you aren’t running as much, it’s a great form of exercise to keep you going and allow you to stay healthy and strong. PSA: My studio, Revolution Studio, is giving all half & full marathoners a free class through the end of January. Just bring your bib to redeem!
  • Treat ‘yo self. For me, marathons are the few times I get massages. Let me tell you, it’s worth it. I’m writing this in after a glorious Milk & Honey sports massage.
  • Explore another sport (or distance). Give yourself some much needed time off the road. Try spin classes, boot camp, or maybe just switch up your distance by training for a 5K or 10K.
  • Nourish yourself. Recovery well is important, and for me it comes down to more than just rest. I need to up my vitamin and protein intake. Check this article on reviews of the best green superfoods for inspiration.

What do you do after finishing up your big race? What’s next for you?

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