5 Fun Ways To Fit Running Into Your Class Schedule

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I’m a huge fan of cross-training, but I’m also a marathon runner! I thought others would benefit from some of my tips on how to do both. Plus, whether you’re a casual runner or training for a marathon, cross-training can yield major results!


Make a date

Hit up a new class with a running buddy! Accountability is the best way to make it to class. Going with a running buddy ensures that you’ll both reap the benefits in your training schedule. Head to a Yin or restorative yoga class after a long run for recovery or hit a mid-week megaformer class to strengthen your core. Bonus? You’ll have something new to chat about on your next run together!

Set a goal and a schedule

If you have a running goal in mind, sign up for a race or event that will get you there! Commitment to yourself (plus the financial burden of an entry fee) will get you out the door and running. Sit down each week to plan your schedule, allocating run days and cross-training days. Don’t overcommit!

Warm up and warm down

Run to class and back home! Running to class acts as a great warm up while extending and adding cardio to your workout. An easy run home after class is the perfect way to unwind and warm down. Many studios even offer free mat rentals for students who bike or run instead of driving.

Take care of your body

Sometimes when we’re trying to fit too much into our schedule, we forget about the basics…taking care of our bodies! When exercising frequently, especially in the summer, your body requires a lot of fluids and electrolytes. Make sure you’re replenishing them! Take recovery days when you need them and always make sure you’re getting enough sleep. It probably isn’t smart to go for a 5 a.m. run the morning after a 10 p.m. yoga class. Simply put, just listen to your body!

Choose classes that incorporate running

If there just isn’t enough time in the day to run and fit your classes in, get creative! Running is one of the most basic fitness exercises, so lucky for you, it’s incorporated in so many different workouts. Boot camps, CrossFit and HITT training typically involve running. Mix it up with spin and indoor cycling classes to keep your cardio up. You may be surprised by how much these classes will keep your running fitness up!

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