One Week Out.

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We’re officially a week out from the 2019 Boston Marathon. And I’m already having some serious déjà vu from last year…obsessively checking the weather. A few days ago it looked pretty great, but things have taken a turn for the nasty…and eerily reminiscent of last year’s shit show.

Last year I showed up in Boston severely under prepared for the weather. The result? Way too much money spent on clothes I discarded in Athlete’s Village. This year. History will not repeat itself! So here’s how I’m planning on packing and prepping for April 15th.

Jackets: Puffy jacket for pre race, running jacket for rain, and of course my Celebration jacket!

Race Day Options: Bringing combos of everything. Long sleeve, tank, arm sleeves, shorts, tights, buff…

Race Day Throwaways: I’m bringing sweats, a fleece blanket, and hand warmers.

Nutrition: I have my nutrition plan pretty dialed in. Nuun Hydration for allll the hydration pre-race (starting this week). Maurten gel and drink mix for race day. I plan on taking drink mix on the bus and 4-5 gels during the race. I also love snacks, so I’ll bring some snacks and easy breakfast items with me (packets of peanut butter, bagels, etc.).

Poncho: I still believe my biggest mistake last year was ditching the poncho too early!

Hats: Baseball, beanie, & ear warmer headband.

Gloves: I’m bringing a few. Nice and throwaway.

All the Layers: Last year I wore almost every piece of clothes I brought with me. I will definitely be bringing all the layers again.

Bags: Ziplock for my phone if I decide to run with it and trash bags to sit on.

My Astros Gear: To show my H-Town pride at the Red Sox game.

My CIM Gear: I’m working the booth at expo on Friday…come find me 🙂

Recovery Tools: Theragun, lax ball, therabands, KT tape, Advil

And of course an extra bag to bring back all the shopping and expo freebies I’m bound to come back with! Am I missing anything?!?! I’d love to hear your feedback, because hey. I’m NOT planning on being unprepared this year!

Last year’s race line up…NOT ENOUGH CLOTHES!

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