Meet my new favorite brand for the trails and beyond!

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When I travel, one of my favorite things to do is hit the trails for a run or hike. After all, there’s no better way to explore a new place than by on foot and out in the fresh air. But, I also hate overpacking so I make it my mission to include clothes that work for travel, running, AND my hiking adventures on the trails.

When I discovered Vie Active, I quickly realized that they checked all my boxes for trail running, hiking, and of course the athleisure look that’s my go to for traveling (who wears jeans anymore?).

1. Must Be High Quality

This might sound like a no brainer, but quality is non-negotiable when I’m choosing my activewear, especially if I’m going to be traveling with it. That means it’s gotta be squat proof, able to withstand plenty of sweat, and stand up after quite a few washes. It also needs to be seriously sturdy and strong enough to withstand snags from branches or rocks on the trail. Vie does all of the above!

2. Snapshot Worthy

I love hiking where there are amazing views. When I was in Asheville, NC in March I opted for one of my favorite pairs of Vie Leggings: the Rockell 7/8 Legging in brushed black camo. Given that it was a chilly 35 degrees outside, the brushed material kept me cozy and the cute camo print looked great in photos against the backdrop of the blue ridge mountains.

I’ve had a chance to try a few of their other pieces and I’m a sucker for matching sets in cute prints and bright colors. Is there anything more “insta-worthy” than pretty scenery and a cute outfit?

Staying warm on the icy trail with my Vie Leggings (I’m in the center)

3. It’s All in the Details

Details are a big deal for me. That’s why I’m obsessed with the Lili Leggings — I have them in both blue and black! Why? They come with pockets on each side that are big enough to hold my phone without any jiggling around if I pick up the pace. The fact that they are two pockets means I have enough space for a snack! The bra tops are just as detail oriented with strappy and open back styles.

4. Comfortable!

I won’t wear something if it isn’t comfortable. Bottom line. My activewear needs to be comfortable if I’m going to wear it for a five hour hike or a 10 mile run. Comfort doesn’t just matter for me when I’m active, it’s a must have for me if I’m on a plane or sightseeing around a new city. My navy pair of Lili Leggings were my go-to choice for my eight hour flight to England a couple months ago.

5. Function + Performance

There is nothing worse than being slowed down by leggings that slip down or a sports bra that doesn’t support me. Almost all of Vie’s leggings (and definitely all the ones I own) come complete with an adjustable drawstring. I’m also a big fan of the compression fabrics the company uses because it helps keep the blood flow moving, dries super fast, and minimizes chaffing.

If you’d like to give Vie Active a try, they’ve been kind enough to share a code for 20% off your first order! Click here or use the code LOVINGLIFE at checkout to redeem.

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