#HouMarathon Packing List!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve graced this blog with my presence, but I figured now’s as great a time as any! This is my first year traveling to Houston to race. What was once a hometown marathon is now a destination race for me! And since I know so many others travel to H-town to run (and I feel like I’ve been traveling for races quite a bit) I figured my packing list might be helpful to you!

I planned on penning this piece over the weekend, but Houston’s unpredictable weather reared it’s ugly head and throw me a curve ball. That curve ball is as many of you know by now — freezing cold temps at the start line accompanied by some strong winds. So, on Tuesday I found myself running a few extra errands to ensure that I had everything I need upon arrival and I don’t have to do any last minute shopping trips. Thank you Boston Marathon 2018 for that expensive lesson. So without further adeiu, here’s my packing list separated into categories for your reading convenience.

EXPO & Pre-Race

Race week is always busy, but since I’m traveling this time around I had to put a little more thought in exactly what I need to be successful!

  • Brooks Launch. My go to running shoes for all my easy runs & shakeouts.
  • #Houmarathon gear. I’m going to be teaching yoga at the expo and volunteering at a few events so I’ll be decked out in all my fave Skechers Performance pieces.
  • External Battery. With all the literal running around I’ll be doing in the days leading up to the racing, keeping a charge is key! PRO TIP: Download the Chevron Houston Marathon app for up to date notifications!
  • Running clothes. I’ve got a few shakeout runs on the agenda in the days leading up to the race, so I brought plenty of options!
  • nuun hydration. This is a biggie for me! I drink a ton of nuun in the week leading up to the race so I have 3 tubes with me as well as a bottle so I don’t have to stress about pre-race hydration. 
  • My Boston jacket! I don’t get to wear it often in Florida, so whenever I’m at a race I like wear it with pride. 
  • Backpack. I’ll be running around so having a backpack to stash my gear is my fave way to do it!

Race Day

This was the tough part! I literally lined out every outfit scenario and tried to plan for anything! 

  • Throwaway sweats. The start line is going to be chilly so I ordered some cheap sweats on Amazon to discard / donate at the start. 
  • Blanket. Again for that chilly start! I found a $3.99 blanket at CVS…score!
  • Hand warmers. I didn’t plan this one out far enough in advance to order on Amazon, but luckily found a ski shop in Sarasota. My hands ALWAYS get super cold during races so I’ll be doing my best to avoid that.
  • 2 Pairs of Gloves. I have a good pair and a throwaway pair. There’s a good chance both will stay on the entire race!
  • Nikes. Yes, I caved! I bought the 4% Nikes and plan to race in them for the first time on Sunday.
  • Outfit options. Y’all, I have everything. Sports bra / arm warmers / shorts, tights / long sleeve, tank / arm warmers / shorts. I prepped for any variation and will make a final call Saturday.
  • Ear warmer. A must! Just like my hands, my ears get a little chilly too!
  • Aftershokz headphones. I love these bone conduction headphones because I can hear all the excitement for the race AND my jams all at the same time. I wore them at CIM and they definitely worked great.
  • Goodr shades. Just in case it’s sunny, I have several shades to pick from. Plus, race photos just look cooler in sunnies. 
  • Hats. I love a good running hat, so naturally, I packed two!
  • Maurten drink mix & gel. This has become my go-to race nutrition. I’m planning on taking the drink mix pre-race and a gel during the race.
  • Garmin. Duh…


Being away from home means being away from my typical recovery routines. So, I’m bringing some key items with me to make sure I recovery quickly and can jump right back into Boston training after a few days of rest. 

  • Sports Balm. I use this natural product to ease muscle soreness pre and post race.
  • Theragun. The best Christmas present ever! While it means checking a bag (I’m usually a carryon girl all the way) I know being able to massage my muscles post race will be soooo worth it!
  • Yoga clothes! While athleisure is my go to daily wear, I also love taking a gentle yoga class the day after racing. This year, I’m teaching it! I’ll be back at Revolution Studio on Monday for a recovery flow at 9:30am. Oh and btw it’s FREE for all runners — just bring in your bib or medal.
  • Advil. No explanation needed.
  • Birkenstocks. My feet have a tendency to swell after racing so my sandals are a must. And since I have the slides, I can wear them with socks if the weather is extra chilly.
  • Swim suit. We’re staying at the Marriott downtown during race weekend so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the hot tub to relieve soreness!
  • SMDS Tank. My run all the miles, drink all the champagne is my go-to post race party tank!

If you’re heading to #hou (or already here!) be sure to give me a shout on Instagram at @lovinglifeontherun!

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