My Top 5 from Indie Beauty Expo Dallas

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Last week, I had the opportunity to hit the road and head to Dallas for the Indie Beauty Expo. It was the first time the expo made it to Texas as past shows have been in LA and NYC. I was really impressed by how many brands traveled from all over the U.S. (and the world) to introduce their products to beauty lovers. I was lucky enough to come to the expo with Source Vital Apothecary to help with their blogger relations and live social media at the event. It was a blast to connect with bloggers and PR people from Dallas and across the country. The expo even has a special flower crown making station…#winning. I also discovered (or re-discovered) these five brands that are perfect for the low maintenance, fit loving gals like me!

Source Vital Apothecary

I love working with brands that I truly believe in, and Source Vital is definitely one of those brands. They did an incredible job setting up their booth so there were plenty of opportunities for people to interact with the products and test them out. The main event however, were their customized facial cocktails. I’ve been lucky enough to make two customized facial cocktails and I absolutely love them. The cocktail has totally simplified my morning routine (combining my toning, corrective and moisturizing steps which let’s be honest, I wasn’t following anyway),  and my skin is better than it’s been in years (pre-teenage acne days). Plus, it’s pretty fun to watch your “cocktail” get mixed up and crafted as you wait! And, if you weren’t at the expo you can still order one online! Some of Source Vital’s other top hits at the event included the following (which incidentally are some of my faves, too!).

Some of the goods from Source Vital Apothecary!

Gem Tyes

The cutest hair bands that double as bracelets! Photo courtesy of Gem Tyes.

I knew I loved these from the moment the owner called me out for the ugly hairband on my wrist. I literally always need to have a hairband handy and these are the cutest! I bought one of the gemstone ones and have given it a full week of use (including yoga classes and runs). It’s officially Lindsay lifestyle approved (and I can’t wait to stock up on more)!

Arrojo ReFinish Dry Shampoo

The fact that I love dry shampoo should come as no surprise. I live in hot, sweaty Texas and workout like a fiend. Combine that with my long locks and lazy attitude toward hairstyling — dry shampoo and I are a match made in heaven. This Arrojo dry shampoo is definitely a new fave. It smells fresh and doesn’t leave white streaks like some of the drug store brands. I even had several people ask me (after yoga class no less), if I’d gotten a blow out! How’s that for an endorsement?

Element Candles

Over the last year, I’ve become a huge fan of candles. When I saw this cute display at IBE I knew I had to check them out. They all smelled amazing, but I was particularly fond of the Clean 2 candle with citrus, lemongrass, and florals. All of their candles are made with a cherry wood wick that actually burns all the way to the bottom. As a historic preservation major and general history buff, I also enjoyed hearing their story. They’re a Charleston, SC based company that actually got started in the historic markets in town. They even road-tripped all the way from Charleston to Texas for the Expo…that’s some serious commitment!

Milk & Honey Salon and Spa

Milk & Honey definitely isn’t a brand that’s new to me, but I was thrilled to see them at the expo! Since Milk & Honey opened in Houston, I’ve been a regular patron of their salon and spa. I love their massage treatments and absolutely adored the balayage highlights I got there about a month ago!

Serious hair goals thanks to my last appointment at Milk & Honey.

Have you used any of these brands before? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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