Why Being a Marathon Ambassador is the Greatest!


I love running, I love marathons and I love being able to share that passion with the world (or at least my community). I’ve represented the Chevron Houston Marathon for the last three years as a race ambassador and this year, I’m also an ambassador for CIM (California International Marathon) which side note, just opened registrations this week (use the code LINDSAY10 for $10 off registration).

A lot of people ask me how I became an ambassador and what it really means. So here are the deets:

What does a marathon ambassador do?

  • Spread the word about the race through social media and local running clubs
  • Write blog posts on behalf of the race
  • Participate in media opportunities leading up to the race and during race weekend
  • Volunteer at EXPO during race weekend to amp up the excitement of participants and spectators
  • Run the race (duh) and have all the fun doing it!

Why is being a marathon ambassador the greatest?

  • New Friends. I’ve met some incredible people through being a Chevron Houston Marathon ambassador (you know who you are ambadassadors). And since new ambassadors apply each year, I make even more friends! As a CIM ambassador this year, I’ve already met some cool runners via Google Hangout and social media. Meeting them in person in December is going to be amazing!
  • Free Gear. This is probably the closest I’ve ever gotten to modeling. Basically, you get to be a walking billboard for the race. #awesome
  • Comped Race Entry. I already spend a ton of money on races each year. Each 5K, 10K and half marathon adds up, and full marathons are even more expensive. Getting race entry comped is a huge benefit (and then I can spend that money on more Lululemon).
  • 15 Minutes of Fame. Whether it’s from media interviews, your profile on the website, or people who follow your story on social media, you’ll start to be recognized a bit more than usual in the running community. Sure, that’s not for everyone, but I love getting to meet new people and inspire others to get started running for the first time!
  • An Insider’s Perspective. Through my time as an ambassador I’ve learned a ton about how races operate and all the hard work that goes into putting on a top notch athletic event. Being an ambassador also means you get to totally be in the know so you can help spread the news about event updates or exciting happenings.

Okay, I’m sold. How do I become a marathon ambassador?

  • Step 1: If you love a race, follow them on social media and read their newsletter. Races typically announce ambassador programs through these means and open up applications. Note: Not all races have ambassador programs (and they all are a little different).
  • Step 2: Get social. When a race gets a ton of applicants, one of the first things they’ll look at to vet you is your social media. Ask yourself the following questions before applying.
    • Are you following the race on social media? If not, DO IT! (Bonus points: follow the current ambassadors, sponsors, and charities involved in the race)
    • Do you talk about running on your social media? If not, start.
    • Is your username or content offensive in anyway? If yes, consider cleaning it up. Think family friendly content.
  • Step 3: Apply. Make your application as compelling as possible. Tell your running story and really focus on why you love the race and how it made an impact on you. Chevron Houston Marathon applications are open NOW through the end of the month. Click here to apply!

2 comments on “Why Being a Marathon Ambassador is the Greatest!”

  1. I always wanted to do a marathon, just haven’t had the courage to go for it. The Chevron one is so close that I should just be sign up and do it!

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