Surviving the Super Bowl on Whole 30


Going into Super Bowl week I was slightly concerned. I had friends in town and other than the commercials, food is my favorite part of watching the big game. Surprisingly, surviving the Whole 30 during the Super Bowl wasn’t as challenging as I expected. Here’s how.

Super Bowl 51 in H-Town!

Whole 30 Friendly Versions.
I made some really delicious Whole 30 versions of Super Bowl comfort foods. My favorite was definitely a turkey chili filled with veggies and spices. This meal was perfect for chowing down on during the game.

Snack Right.
With all the eating out with friends and playing tour guide, I found myself craving some of my favorite snacks. Instead of cheating, I discovered some great alternatives. Trader Joe’s makes some great roasted plantain chips that go great with guac. And, its a Whole 30-approved treat!

Drink Bubbly. 
Nope, not champagne. Drinking sparkling water was the perfect alternative to alcohol while out at bars over the weekend. Add a lime and nobody will know you’re sober!

Plan Ahead.
I knew we’d be eating out, so to set myself up for success, I decided to plan ahead. Usually that meant eating a snack (like a Lara Bar) or bringing one with me. In certain cases, it meant reviewing the restaurant’s menu first!

Market Salad w/ Smoked Turkey from The Pit Room. Delicious and Whole 30 Approved!

2 comments on “Surviving the Super Bowl on Whole 30”

    1. It’s incredible! Seriously some of the best turkey I’ve ever had. I do love their mac & cheese and charro beans, too (post Whole 30 of course)!

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