4 Unexpected Benefits of Smile Direct Club (Week 1)

I just started my first ever adventure in orthodonture. I never had braces as a kid, but I’ve always had a gap in between my teeth. As a teenager I was pretty self conscious about it (thanks to a few nasty nicknames…kids are mean!), but it was never a big enough deal to do anything about it. Then my brother-in-law started working for Smile Direct Club so I checked out the website. Thanks to their stellar retargeting tactics in digital marketing I started seeing their ads everywhere and it got me thinking about trying it. So, I did!
Getting my aligners was super easy and way more affordable than traditional options (I’ll probably put a post together on the entire experience). But today I wanted to share some of the beneficial shifts the service has had on my lifestyle so far.
I’m just a few days in, so I haven’t noticed any major differences in my smile (yet), but there have been some completely unexpected benefits along the way.
1) Better oral hygiene. I’ve always been a twice a day brusher, but now with the aligners I’m brushing my teeth after every meal or or beverage (other than water). Funnily enough, my dentist recommended I start doing this last week. Odds are, without the retainers I probably wouldn’t have shifted my routine.
2) Less snacking. Working from home and being injured has made snacking during bouts of boredom a bad habit. Not being able to eat with the aligners in has reduced my constant grazing quite significantly.
3) No more nail biting. When I’m stressed or nervous I have the tendency to nail bite. It’s a horrible habit that I’ve tried to kick for years, but I think this might finally be what makes it happen!
4) Drinking more water. The aligners do cause a little bit of dry mouth, especially when I’m talking a lot (like during my yoga classes). And since water is one of the only things I can drink with the aligners in…I’ve been consuming a bit more!
Have you tried Smile Direct Club or another invisible aligner experience? Let me know how it worked out for you and if you have any tips to share!

3 comments on “4 Unexpected Benefits of Smile Direct Club (Week 1)”

  1. Yep! I’m right there with You. I just started my 2nd month. I’ve had a great experience and am thankful to get a space on the bottom moved. And my front tooth pushed back out!

    1. My treatment plan was about $1800 – I paid all at once which made it cheaper. I believe the cost is consistent regardless of the length of your treatment!

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