Summer Running Essentials I Can’t Live Without 

It’s my fifth summer running and sweating in Houston and I’ve picked up a few essentials that I just can’t live without!

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It’s hard to believe this is my fifth summer living and running in hot, humid Houston. Every summer I learn a little more about how to handle the heat so I can kick my training into gear. This year, I’m training for a race in August (the SeaWheeze Half Marathon) so I’ve had plenty of tough, sweaty runs.

I’ve been running twice a week indoors at RacePace, but that still leaves four days of outdoor running — including my long runs. So today, I’m sharing my favorite summer running essentials.

This is a new one for me. In previous summers, I’ve played the squinting game and by the time this summer rolled around I decided to put my foot down. I needed to finally invest in some shades that protected my eyes without slipping off my face. Enter Goodr. I’d been eying my friend Lauren‘s cute running sunglasses and finally asked about them, expecting to shell out some major dough. To my surprise, Goodr sunglasses were only $25 and I can’t wait to stock up on more (they’re apparently so popular they’re currently sold out)!
Cute & non-slip? #Winning
I literally could not survive summer without nuun. Between training and teaching heated yoga classes I’m always losing fluids. Nuun not only adds a nice flavor to my water, but it also replenishes the electrolytes I lose from all the sweating!
Natural Deodorant
Speaking of sweating, I recently made the switch to natural deodorant and will never be going back to the drug store stuff (even with Houston’s heat). Source Vital Apothecary‘s Deozein Zest (spray on) is my go to and sure, I still sweat, but sweating actually helps cool me down during those hot runs. Read more about why I made the switch here.
Sweating is good for you and keeps you cool!
Sweat Wicking Socks
Good socks are an absolute must when slogging through humid long runs. My feet often end up drenched and having socks that dry quickly helps prevent blisters! Feetures and lululemon socks are my go-to!
When Hot Shot’s PR team reached out to me a few months ago I was definitely intrigued. A product that prevents and treats cramping? I’ve now used the samples they sent me for two long runs and two speed workouts and am definitely a fan. Calf cramping is a norm for me, especially when I start to push the pace. With Hot Shot on my side, I’ve been cramp free.
Anti-cramping magic!
Cute Sports Bra
Hotter weather means I tend to strip down to shorts and a sports bra. Between the heat and all sweat induced chaffing a sports bra is about all I can handle, so it definitely helps if it’s cute! Plus, a shiny new outfit gives me even more motivation to get out there and run.
My FAVE new sports bra from my last YogaClub box!
While this one is an easy one to forget when you’re trying to beat the sun, odds are you’ll have a few miles in the sunlight. Apply a sweat proof sunblock before your run and reapply if you’re doing an extra long one!
What are your must haves during hot, summer runs? Share below in the comments!
Happy Running!

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