Returning to CIM: My Road to Boston

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One year later, and here I am at the California International Marathon again. Last year, this was where I earned my coveted BQ qualifying time. It’s only fitting that my journey to Boston begins here in Sacramento.

Ringing the BQ bell at CIM last year.

My injury (a hip stress fracture) sidelined me for the last few months, and it sucked. One of the biggest things I missed, wasn’t the running itself, it was the community. Starting my journey to Boston at the number one Boston qualifying race is perfect. And, it was an amazing opportunity to reconnect with the running community.


Tomorrow, I’m running the first seven miles of CIM as part of the relay. This will be my longest run since August — which is crazy! With that said, I’ll also be taking it slow and easy. My focus is on my heath and having fun.

My road to Boston begins in Folsom tomorrow morning at 7am and I couldn’t be more excited. The journey begins now and I’ll be sharing my stories along the way until I toe the line in Hopkinton.

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